Acroploro (Figurehead): With one hand raised in the air and the other holding a cornucopia (horn of Amaltheia), a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

It resembles to a woman or a mermaid figure, carved or painted and it was put on the edge of the ships bow, mostly on sailboats, to send away the big waves and to purify the bad omens for our sailor’s journeys. The reason of its place on the ships bow was to give strength and protection to the crew, while it also symbolized the acquisition of wealth and riches from their journeys.

The sailors believed that it was the ships personification. It was the wooden ships decoration, the sailor’s companion but also their guide to victorious battles.

A very significant secular art of our marine tradition.

The official discreet symbol of the ship.

(It is found at the Nautical Museum of Galaxidi and it is worth a visit)