If its story has your attention, then its beauty and its picturesqueness will for sure make you adore it.

The ideal place for those who seek an “island” like atmosphere just two and a half hours from Athens.
Galaxidi is the perfect destination all year around. It is a small seaside town in Fokida county that you can enjoy yourself both in winter and in summer time. It is well balanced between the picturesque island idea and the natural mountain beauty, a combination that helps the pleasant and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Across from Itea, you can see the small and gracious town of Galaxidi, a place famous for its marine. The town stands proudfully in the Corinthian Bay, more specifically in the heart of the Crissaio Bay, located at the ancient locrian town Halaion that was renamed to Oianthi. It is 34 klms away from the ancient city of Delphi, 29 klm from Amfissa and 230 klm from Athens. Galaxidi, is a marine town that also holds more than 4.000 years of ancient history in its heart. It has been characterized as a traditional and a preserved area. It is also an old navy center that operated in the old sailing years, the residents of Galaxidi were also the globetrotters of the sea and gloriously participated in the sea battle of 1821.

Galaxidis primetime was the 18th and 19th century, when the galaxiadian ships travelled across the world. There is no doubt that Galaxidi was influenced by the residences occupation as the well-travelled captains brought along with them from abroad various building materials and technicians. Characteristically, some of the things you may notice are the graphic stone path alleys, the beautiful homes owned by Captains, the picturesque country houses and also the harbor, which strongly reminds us of the insular landscape with the addition of the beautiful churches.

The name Galaxidi has existed since the tenth century, from the Byzantime Governor Galaxidi and despite the catastrophes that happened throughout the centuries from the foreign conquerors (Slavs, Francs, Catalans, Knights of Rhodes, Turks) it was able to maintain its identity and its prestige.

It is one of the well kempt traditional towns in Greece, with two natural harbors Agora and Hirolaka. Galaxidi is built on two hills, which view rocky islets, reefs, churches and lighthouses. This land is known for its historical journey through time and its diachronic beauty. It is a place where the villagers’ wealth and prosperity can be seen from the well kempt country houses. A marine town and an old merchant harbor that has around 2.000 permanent residents.

The now modernized Galaxidi has kept all traditions and is a wonderful place to visit for a short getaway. The ideal geographical position on the coasts of Central Greece in combination with the restful highway road makes its access very easy. It is also very close to other major cities of Central Greece, in a small kilometrical distance away are Athens, Patra, Larisa, Korinthos, Lamia, Nafpaktos.


It is the beginning of the year and we prepare ourselves for Agia Theofania. We will all gather at the picturesque harbor of Galaxidi for the traditional ceremony of the Cross-throwing in the sea. We can continue with a warm cup of coffee or a delicious lunch, gazing the view of the Parnassus mountaintops.

The month for those in love. Acroploro celebrates Valentines Day the first fourteen days of the month. “Love is in the air” in every apartment. Every room is decorated for a romantic date with candlelights and rosebuds. Champagne (Bubbled wine) and chocolates welcome you at your arrival, promising our guests magical moments. The three-day weekend of Kathara Deutera we are all excited and ready for the preparation of the alevromountzouromata. The dances around the Maypole at the Square during the evening, the float parade, partying in the village’s narrow streets and finally the observation or even the participation in alevromountzouroma, will leave you with unforgettable memories. Shrove Monday feast at the captivating Galaxidi is unforgettable.

As tradition has it, a kite will be awaiting you in your apartment, ready to fly in the sky under your guidance!

The first month of spring. Nature starts to awake. Nothing is more beautiful from the scenery of bloomed almond trees in the nearby area. It is the time for walkabouts at the picturesque harbor, in the pinewoods, even hikes and excursions at the nearby villages of Penteorion and Vounichora. You can even have small walks around Acroploro to gather some field flowers, like chamomile for the winter. Together we will celebrate the Greek National Holiday – the Liberation of 1921. A Greek Flag will be waiting for you in your apartment so that you too, can post it on your balcony’s pole.

Easter at Roumelis. A place full of tradition.

Good Friday
The epitaphs from the three Churches (Ag. Nikolaos, Ag. Ioannis and Ag. Paraskevi) meet at the villages’ upper Square accompanied by the Town’s Philharmonic and all the Faithful slowly head down towards the harbor.

M. Savvato
With candles and lanterns that you will find in the apartments, we will celebrate Anastasi at one of the above-mentioned Churches.

Easter Sunday
On Easter day we can enjoy the Spring Nature with our traditional lamb on the spit, in the garden of our apartments together with the owners (Kostas and Katerina), or at the traditional taverns in the nearby villages.

On Labor Day (Protomaya) we make wreaths with the wild flowers we collect in the fields and with roses from our garden. The weather is perfect for walkabouts to the harbor or partying at the bars.

Swimming period has officially started. The summer breeze is in the air!

It is mid summer, the temperature is rising and the beaches are full of tourists.

It is the last month of Summer and the beaches, the taverns and the bars are on “fire”. We are all gathered here for the celebration of Panagia. Galaxidi is full of life!

First days of fall and we are already recollecting memories of the summer that passed. We can continue swimming on the beaches and we take advantage of every opportunity before winter begins.

We walk in the nature and we collect fruits, making preserved jars that we can enjoy, and also give away to our friends. Bottled in jars with handmade tags can be a very tasteful treat from nature. Toward the end of the month we have the “OHI” celebration. Our children will parade for us in pride and joy.

Christmas is approaching and the preparations are beginning! Acroploro invites you till mid December to help us decorate. Our tradition is: the decorated boat. That’s where our name came from. Acroploro (the front bow of the ship)

In December the decorated Acroploro welcomes Christmas and invites you to spend your days relaxing, singing the carols and decorating the garden’s “Tree of wishes”, waiting for Santa Claus. As always, under each Christmas tree there will be a gift for every one of us. The old year is passing by…..but there are more to come!


As the visitors drive following the road towards Arachova, after about half an hour drive, they can reach the famous village of Delphi, otherwise known as “The navel of Earth”, the place where in ancient times the Goddess Earth was worshiped. An archeological place of broad interest with the most important sightseeing’s. It is a place well known for the Delphi Oracle. The entrance of this archaeological site is just before the end of Delphi. Setting off for the uphill path you will see, in turn, various dedications to cities from Ancient Greece. As you continue your path you will reach the Temple of God Apollo, the most important monument of the archaeological site of Delphi. This is the place where rituals referring to worships and prophecies were made. At the end of this route and at the highest place you will face the ancient stadium. The archeological museum hosts the findings from the oracle. The Sphinx statue and the remaining of the copper bull statue that are hosted in an additional part of the museum will impress you. Just before you reach towards the end of the museum, in the last hall, you will see the famous and most photographed copper statue of Apollo with his characteristic eyes.

Don’t forget to also visit:

  • Sikelianou Museum

On the west from Delphi next to the archaeological site, is the house of Aggelos and Eva Sikelianou, built in the period of the first Delphi festivals. This building now belongs to the European Cultural Center of Delphi and it has been transformed to the Museum of Sikelianos’ Delphic feasts, with material from the Delphic feasts the couple use to organize.

  • Temple of Athena Pronaia

A true masterpiece of classic architecture that has been connected to chthonic worship. The architect in charge for this structure was Theodore from Fokida.

  • The Treasury of the Athenians

The most impressive building on Iera Odo towards the temple of God Apollo. It was constructed by the Athenian democracy, in the beginning of the 5th century and it is dorian order from Parian marble.

During the summer season do not forget to visit:

Cultural Summer at Delphi
Every summer, the city of Delphi gives the opportunity to its guest to enjoy cultural evenings, events from every corner of this planet, with Theatrical Plays, Music, Dances and conjectures. The Cultural summer at Delphi is the reference point for all cultural events in Greece and is organized by both the European Cultural Center and the Municipality of Delphi. Events begin at mid July until mid August.


Arachova is situated 980 mtrs high and at a distance of about 40 minutes by car from Galaxidi, it has a magnificent view as you can see from far, the rock with the well-known clock that stands out. Known for the weavings, the formaela cheese and its brusque wine, Arachova is a town in the highlands built at Parnassus feet. The visitor can enjoy seeing the wood, rock and paved paths surrounding the town. During the 1821 Revolution, the towns’ name was connected to Karaiskaki, the person who wiped out Moustafabei. The traditional coffee shops and the local specialties, the small taverns and the vivid nightlife are sure to enchant you…. It is worth a stroll through the central road with the small traditional shops with the local goods and weavings and also a visit to the Byzantine Church of St. George, the patron state of Arachova. The war monument of Karaiskakis will journey you to other times. The Korykion Andro (the Corycian Cave), which is not well known, is about 10 klm from Arachova (on the route to Parnassus). It is a cave dedicated to the Nymphs of Korykeies. The ancient believed that in the caved paths there was a way one could find to reach Adis (Hades). The visitor can go either by foot or by car. Finally, you can also have a stop at beautiful Livadi. It is the pass from Arachova, to Agoriani and to Amfikleia. It is just outside Arachova and it is 7 klms away from the Ski Resort of Parnassus (Kelaria-Fterolaka). It is just 25 klm from Galaxidi.


The Ski Resort of Parnassus, is a few kilometers from Arachova, it is an attraction to thousands of visitors for the winter skiing as well as other mountain activities all year around. Biking, walkabouts through the beautiful paths of the mountain, mountaineering, paragliding, crossing the canyon and in general enjoying the unique nature of Parnassus. The three Ski Resort Centers are: Fterolakka, Kelaria and Gerontovraxos which were made on the northwest sides of Parnassus, and they give a cosmopolitan breeze to the nearby area and is capable to cover almost every need the visitor may ask for.


Travelling towards Patra by car, after about an hour you will reach the special Nafpaktos. There you can visit the well-preserved castle that is situated on a pine hilltop over the city. It is open all day and you do not need to purchase an entering ticket. You can reach it by car up to a point, park at the suggested parking area that is close to the castle entrance. You can also enjoy a calm walk and enjoy a cup of coffee at the well preserved Venetian port.

Very close to the city of Nafpaktos is the well known to all of us Rio-Antirio bridge. This Bridge is visible from many points throughout the city and in the weekends it is lightened up and its view is astonishing.

Offers for this period :

Luxury apartment for two guests: 90 euro per day.

Luxury apartment for three guests: 95 euro per day.

Luxury apartment for four guests (family): 100 euro per day.

Luxury apartment for four guests (friend company): 125 euro per day.

Discounts for long stays.

The prices are including:

  • A custom made breakfast which can be used during all day and not a specific time as usual it happens at the hotels.
  • A lot of surprises. Please, ask them during your reservation.


Notice:  Ask to learn for our prices, without breakfast, too.

Fore more details, please do not hesitate to contact with Mr Dimitri Drako. (+30) 22650 41110



Apartment Policies

General terms and conditions regarding booking – cancellation.

Please read carefully the following information before you make your reservation with “Acroploro”.


Terms of arrival and departure

Check in: 14:00 – 00:00

Check out: 08:00 – 12:00


Each extension of check out it is charged with the legal taxes


For your better service, if you are to reach late or very early, we consult you to inform us before, using the field in the form of reservation or in the form of communication.


(Flexible check in and out times may be available on request but are subject to availability)

In case of:

  • Early check between 6:00 and 11:00, (depending on availability) there is an extra charge of 40% of full rate. (Negotiation)
  • Early departure there is an extra charge of  50% of the total amount of stay according to the law .(article 3 ν.1652/30-10-1986)
  • Your stay until 18:00 there is an extra charge of the half the normal day rate.
  • Your stay after 18:00 (depending on availability), the extra charge is the full rate.


In addition:

Are not allowed:

  • Our small friends – pets. (After negotiation they can stay only to the garden of the apartment)

Is not allowed:

  • Smoking in all indoor areas. Is allowed only in the balconies and the garden.


Completed Reservation

In order, a reservation to be completed, it must be received:

  • The advance (30% of the full amount of  reservation as agreed, but not less from the charge of one night) and
  • The written acceptance from the contact person of apartments.


Apartments Rates

All apartments rates are based on the rates written on the apartment chart, (please see apartment rate chart elsewhere), and are subject to change without a notice.

The rates are in”euro”. During the season if there are any legal taxes increase or if we offer special promotions then the rates may change without any notice. No hidden fees – our services are completely free for customers – visitors. VAT, city/tourist tax and service charge are included.

A guaranteed reservation, made with a credit card, (using the reservation form in our web site ). It is the only way to lock in a price.


E-mail booked reservations

E-mail booked reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card number.

An invalid credit card number will cancel your reservation automatically.

In your request to reserve an apartment by e-mail we need your credit card

number and expiration date, your name as it appears on your credit card, and

the exact dates of stay (arrival day and departure day).

A 30% of the total amount due will be charged to your credit card at the day

of your reservation and the balance due will be charged a week prior to your arrival.

A confirmation will be sent to you with your name, days of arrival and departure and the amount charged to your credit card. (Via )  The balance amount due will be charged to your credit card at the day of your departure.


Phone booked reservations

Phone booked reservations are made by depositing money into the personal account of the apartments in the bank. A 30% of the total amount due must be deposited in order to lock in the apartment. The deposit slip must be faxed(*) to us and in return a confirmation will be sent to you which must be presented to the reception at your arrival day. The balance amount due for the furnished apartment will be paid cash to the apartment at the day of the departure or by credit card through our website

All guests are required to present a proper photo ID card upon check in time.

Minimum check in age is 18 years old.


(*) The written notice should be sent by e – mail to or by fax to 0030 211-17 65 815


Cancellation Policy

Please notify “Acroploro Furnished Apartments” of any changes or cancelations in your booking early to avoid any charges or cancelation fee.

The confirmation of availability from part of apartments for a date is not reservation, in order to be considered, it must be accompanied by advance where the deadline of that is given by the person in charge of reservations. In case that passes the deadline without has been given advance, the reservation is probably cancelled. Because the number of apartments is small, we are compelled to follow strict policy of cancellations.


More specific, if cancelled:

  • Up to 21 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
  • Less than 21 – 12 days before date of arrival, the advanced is not returned.
  • Less than 12 days or modified later or in case of no-show, (without written form (*)) the full amount of  reservation will be charged 100%.


(*) The written notice and all cancellations should be sent by e – mail to or by fax to 0030 211-17 65 815


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