Calendar JANUARY It is the beginning of the year and we prepare ourselves for Agia Theofania. We will all gather at the picturesque harbor of Galaxidi for the traditional ceremony of the Cross-throwing in the sea. We can continue with a warm cup of coffee or a delicious lunch, gazing the view of the Parnassus mountaintops. FEBRUARY The month for those in love. Acroploro celebrates Valentines Day the first fourteen days of the month. “Love is in the air” in every apartment. Every room is decorated for a romantic date with candlelights and rosebuds. Champagne (Bubbled wine) and chocolates welcome you at your arrival, promising our guests magical moments. The three-day weekend of Kathara Deutera we are all excited and ready for the preparation of the alevromountzouromata. The dances around the Maypole at the Square during the evening, the float parade, partying in the village’s narrow streets and finally the observation or even the participation in alevromountzouroma, will leave you with unforgettable memories. Shrove Monday feast at the captivating Galaxidi is unforgettable. As tradition has it, a kite will be awaiting you in your apartment, ready to fly in the sky under your guidance! MARCH The first month of spring. Nature starts to awake. Nothing is more beautiful from the scenery of bloomed almond trees in the nearby area. It is the time for walkabouts at the picturesque harbor, in the pinewoods, even hikes and excursions at the nearby villages of Penteorion and Vounichora. You can even have small walks around Acroploro to gather some field flowers, like chamomile for the winter. Together we will celebrate the Greek National Holiday – the Liberation of 1921. A Greek Flag will be waiting for you in your apartment so that you too, can post it on your balcony’s pole. APRIL Easter at Roumelis. A place full of tradition. Good Friday The epitaphs from the three Churches (Ag. Nikolaos, Ag. Ioannis and Ag. Paraskevi) meet at the villages’ upper Square accompanied by the Town’s Philharmonic and all the Faithful slowly head down towards the harbor. M. Savvato With candles and lanterns that you will find in the apartments, we will celebrate Anastasi at one of the above-mentioned Churches. Easter Sunday On Easter day we can enjoy the Spring Nature with our traditional lamb on the spit, in the garden of our apartments together with the owners (Kostas and Katerina), or at the traditional taverns in the nearby villages. MAY On Labor Day (Protomaya) we make wreaths with the wild flowers we collect in the fields and with roses from our garden. The weather is perfect for walkabouts to the harbor or partying at the bars. JUNE Swimming period has officially started. The summer breeze is in the air! JULY It is mid summer, the temperature is rising and the beaches are full of tourists. AUGUST It is the last month of Summer and the beaches, the taverns and the bars are on “fire”. We are all gathered here for the celebration of Panagia. Galaxidi is full of life! SEPTEMBER First days of fall and we are already recollecting memories of the summer that passed. We can continue swimming on the beaches and we take advantage of every opportunity before winter begins. OCTOBER We walk in the nature and we collect fruits, making preserved jars that we can enjoy, and also give away to our friends. Bottled in jars with handmade tags can be a very tasteful treat from nature. Toward the end of the month we have the “OHI” celebration. Our children will parade for us in pride and joy. NOVEMBER Christmas is approaching and the preparations are beginning! Acroploro invites you till mid December to help us decorate. Our tradition is: the decorated boat. That’s where our name came from. Acroploro (the front bow of the ship) DECEMBER In December the decorated Acroploro welcomes Christmas and invites you to spend your days relaxing, singing the carols and decorating the garden’s “Tree of wishes”, waiting for Santa Claus. As always, under each Christmas tree there will be a gift for every one of us. The old year is passing by…..but there are more to come!


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