Delphi As the visitors drive following the road towards Arachova, after about half an hour drive, they can reach the famous village of Delphi, otherwise known as “The navel of Earth”, the place where in ancient times the Goddess Earth was worshiped. An archeological place of broad interest with the most important sightseeing’s. It is a place well known for the Delphi Oracle. The entrance of this archaeological site is just before the end of Delphi. Setting off for the uphill path you will see, in turn, various dedications to cities from Ancient Greece. As you continue your path you will reach the Temple of God Apollo, the most important monument of the archaeological site of Delphi. This is the place where rituals referring to worships and prophecies were made. At the end of this route and at the highest place you will face the ancient stadium. The archeological museum hosts the findings from the oracle. The Sphinx statue and the remaining of the copper bull statue that are hosted in an additional part of the museum will impress you. Just before you reach towards the end of the museum, in the last hall, you will see the famous and most photographed copper statue of Apollo with his characteristic eyes. Don’t forget to also visit:
  • Sikelianou Museum

On the west from Delphi next to the archaeological site, is the house of Aggelos and Eva Sikelianou, built in the period of the first Delphi festivals. This building now belongs to the European Cultural Center of Delphi and it has been transformed to the Museum of Sikelianos’ Delphic feasts, with material from the Delphic feasts the couple use to organize.

  • Temple of Athena Pronaia

A true masterpiece of classic architecture that has been connected to chthonic worship. The architect in charge for this structure was Theodore from Fokida.

  • The Treasury of the Athenians

The most impressive building on Iera Odo towards the temple of God Apollo. It was constructed by the Athenian democracy, in the beginning of the 5th century and it is dorian order from Parian marble.

During the summer season do not forget to visit: Cultural Summer at Delphi Every summer, the city of Delphi gives the opportunity to its guest to enjoy cultural evenings, events from every corner of this planet, with Theatrical Plays, Music, Dances and conjectures. The Cultural summer at Delphi is the reference point for all cultural events in Greece and is organized by both the European Cultural Center and the Municipality of Delphi. Events begin at mid July until mid August. ARACHOVA Arachova is situated 980 mtrs high and at a distance of about 40 minutes by car from Galaxidi, it has a magnificent view as you can see from far, the rock with the well-known clock that stands out. Known for the weavings, the formaela cheese and its brusque wine, Arachova is a town in the highlands built at Parnassus feet. The visitor can enjoy seeing the wood, rock and paved paths surrounding the town. During the 1821 Revolution, the towns’ name was connected to Karaiskaki, the person who wiped out Moustafabei. The traditional coffee shops and the local specialties, the small taverns and the vivid nightlife are sure to enchant you…. It is worth a stroll through the central road with the small traditional shops with the local goods and weavings and also a visit to the Byzantine Church of St. George, the patron state of Arachova. The war monument of Karaiskakis will journey you to other times. The Korykion Andro (the Corycian Cave), which is not well known, is about 10 klm from Arachova (on the route to Parnassus). It is a cave dedicated to the Nymphs of Korykeies. The ancient believed that in the caved paths there was a way one could find to reach Adis (Hades). The visitor can go either by foot or by car. Finally, you can also have a stop at beautiful Livadi. It is the pass from Arachova, to Agoriani and to Amfikleia. It is just outside Arachova and it is 7 klms away from the Ski Resort of Parnassus (Kelaria-Fterolaka). It is just 25 klm from Galaxidi. Parnassus The Ski Resort of Parnassus, is a few kilometers from Arachova, it is an attraction to thousands of visitors for the winter skiing as well as other mountain activities all year around. Biking, walkabouts through the beautiful paths of the mountain, mountaineering, paragliding, crossing the canyon and in general enjoying the unique nature of Parnassus. The three Ski Resort Centers are: Fterolakka, Kelaria and Gerontovraxos which were made on the northwest sides of Parnassus, and they give a cosmopolitan breeze to the nearby area and is capable to cover almost every need the visitor may ask for. Nafpaktos Travelling towards Patra by car, after about an hour you will reach the special Nafpaktos. There you can visit the well-preserved castle that is situated on a pine hilltop over the city. It is open all day and you do not need to purchase an entering ticket. You can reach it by car up to a point, park at the suggested parking area that is close to the castle entrance. You can also enjoy a calm walk and enjoy a cup of coffee at the well preserved Venetian port. Very close to the city of Nafpaktos is the well known to all of us Rio-Antirio bridge. This Bridge is visible from many points throughout the city and in the weekends it is lightened up and its view is astonishing.


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