Galaxidi If its story has your attention, then its beauty and its picturesqueness will for sure make you adore it.

The ideal place for those who seek an “island” like atmosphere just two and a half hours from Athens.

Galaxidi is the perfect destination all year around. It isa small seaside town in Fokida county that you can enjoy yourself both in winter and in summer time.

It is well balanced betweenthe picturesque island idea and the natural mountain beauty, a combination that helps the pleasant and rejuvenating atmosphere. Across from Itea, you can see the small and gracious town of Galaxidi, a place famous for its marine.

The town stands proudfully in the Corinthian Bay, more specifically in the heart of the Crissaio Bay, located at the ancient locrian town Halaion that was renamed to Oianthi. It is 34 klms away from the ancient city of Delphi, 29 klm from Amfissa and 230 klm from Athens. Galaxidi, is a marine town that also holds more than 4.000 years of ancient history in its heart. It has been characterized as a traditional and a preserved area.

It is also an old navy center that operated in the old sailing years, the residents of Galaxidi were also the globetrotters of the sea and gloriously participated in the sea battle of 1821. Galaxidis primetime was the 18th and 19th century, when the galaxiadian ships travelled across the world.

There is no doubt that Galaxidi was influenced by the residences occupation as the well-travelled captains brought along with them from abroad various building materials and technicians.

Characteristically, some of the things you may notice are the graphic stone path alleys, the beautiful homes owned by Captains, the picturesque country houses and also the harbor, which strongly reminds us of the insular landscape with the addition of the beautiful churches.

The name Galaxidi has existed since the tenth century, from the Byzantime Governor Galaxidi and despite the catastrophes that happened throughout the centuries from the foreign conquerors (Slavs, Francs, Catalans, Knights of Rhodes, Turks) it was able to maintain its identity and its prestige.

It is one of the well kempt traditional towns in Greece, with two natural harbors Agora and Hirolaka. Galaxidi is built on two hills, which view rocky islets, reefs, churches and lighthouses. This land is known for its historical journey through time and its diachronic beauty. It is a place where the villagers’ wealth and prosperity can be seen from the well kempt country houses. A marine town and an old merchant harbor that has around 2.000 permanent residents.

The now modernized Galaxidi has kept all traditions and is a wonderful place to visit for a short getaway. The ideal geographical position on the coasts of Central Greece in combination with the restful highway road makes its access very easy. It is also very close to other major cities of Central Greece, in a small kilometrical distance away are Athens, Patra, Larisa, Korinthos, Lamia, Nafpaktos.


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