Sightseeings At Galaxidi it is worth to visit the voluminous Nautical and Historical Museum, the Folklore Museum, the temple of Ag. Nikolaos on the hilltop with the woodcut temple as well as the Zodiac Cycle of Ag. Paraskevi. There are also two archaeological sites, the Loc ran grave and the ruins of the Ancient Wall of the city. You may also be impressed in the Spilia (Cave) on Mamma Square. It is a real cave that was rebuilt and used as a public fridge from 1940 and on. Exactly across the harbor, you can enjoy a walk through the pine trees in the park; this park seems to pop up above the sea. If you walk alongside the park you can see the small beaches that are exactly after the harbor, you can see the snowy hilltops of Mount Parnassos, the statue of the Sailor’s Wife, the small island with the church of Ai Yiorgi while, at the end of this route you can see the School for Education and Training in the Field of Tourism. If, on the other hand you decide to take this route by coach, you will be able, on your way back, to admire the complete beauty of Galaxidi as it slowly comes into view behind the graphic harbor. If you have brought along some supplies and a picnic basket, you can place your tablecloth on the hilltop of Ai Yiorgi under the shade of the pine trees. The view is spectacular – unique! The ride from the seaside road from Liotrivi and Hirolaka until Pera Panta will remain in the heart of every visitor. If you ask a local boatman, maybe he can take you for a small boat ride to the close islands with the country churches. Don’t forget to have a taste of our traditional sweets like Ravani, Amygdalaki, Samousakes, Diples and Sweet Jared Fruits.


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